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What we do

Cell: 084 585 1477
Email: nicky@houseworx.biz

Domestic Char Service Regular or ad hoc house cleaning, tidying, internal window cleaning and laundry services.

Gardening Regular or ad hoc mowing, weeding, edging and general maintenance. Landscaping and specialist garden services by arrangement.

Pre and Post-Occupation Cleaning Ideal for holiday homeowners and landlords, our staff will ensure your property is left spic and span when you arrive – and after you leave.

Eco-Clean We are looking to introduce this new service in which only non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products are used in your home. It’s particularly suitable for people with allergies or skin problems that can be triggered by normal detergents - and those who are committed to protecting the environment.

Office Cleaning Regular or ad hoc cleaning of offices, showrooms and other commercial premises.

Window Cleaning Your char can undertake the internal and external cleaning of windows, provided they are easily accessible without the use of a ladder. However, exterior windows of double and triple storey properties will require the additional skills and equipment of a specialist window cleaner – which we will be pleased to arrange.

Permanent Placements If we supply a regular char whom you particularly like and would like to employ on a permanent basis, we will be happy to release her and assist you in setting up an official contract of employment. Houseworx can also recruit, interview and take up references for the placement of permanent domestic staff on your behalf. (A once-off placement fee is applicable in both instances.)

Outsourced staff A Houseworx employee who works for you (and is managed by you) on a permanent basis. We take care of UIF and other statutory requirements.

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